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in a way that the provisions that we arrive at through talks, will give the united states the satisfaction of what it seeks and will also provide the afghan people the benefit that they are seeking through this partnership and the subsequent agreement. that's not for us to decide. it's an issue for the united states. numbers are not going to make a difference to the situation in afghanistan. it's the broader relationship that will make a difference to afghanistan and beyond in the region. the specifics of numbers are issues that the military will decide and afghanistan will have no particular concern. when we're talking of numbers and how they are calculated. afghan interests. >>. >> translator: the government of afghanistan i would like to ask the question in my own language. mr. president, combative mission united states after 2014, how this mission will be, how will it be resembling, resembling the same mission as it was during 11 years? or is there a difference? different kind of mission. those who are in pakistan, particularly the safe havens that are in pakistan, wha
. the students who live in this unit behind me are completely shaken up. they say it was about 3:00 in the morning when some men kicked in the front door, demanding money and marijuana. they made them get down on the floor while they searched for it. >> i've never had a gun in my face before. that was pretty intense. >> reporter: he's scared to show his face and hearing his story, it's easy to understand why. five men broke into his richmond district duplex overnight. >> they ended up getting a little violent with us. hit some of the guys. they kicked me in the throat. >> reporter: it was 3:00 in the morning. after the ordeal, san francisco police spent hours at the scene. they gathered fingerprints from the kitchen knife the men used to threaten the college students and their friends. >> two of the guys went through all our stuff. and there was one guy holding us in the room. he kept asking for drugs and stuff. but we didn't have anything like that. we're thinking this house used to be a grow house or something like that. >> reporter: they tore through the house and eventually t
. the police department's robbery unit has taken over the investigation. >>> san francisco police are hoping a distinct surveillance video will help lead them to a pair of bank robbers. the suspects held employees at gunpoint was clearly visible wearing a black orlando magic baseball hat and a striped button up shirt. the accomplice guarded the entrance while he stole the money. it happened on the 600 block of gary boulevard. the two got away in a dark colored vehicle. >>> a special community meeting being held and set up to talk about arming some san francisco police officers with tasers. chief greg sir wants to give about 100 officers those weapons in conjunction with new training on how to deal with mentally ill suspects. sir first introduced that proposal after an officer shot and killed a man armed carrying a box cutter last year. opponents of the plan say even though tasers are considered non lethal, they can be deadly. the sfpd not currently using tasers. >>> caltran's crews are working to repair sections of the bay bridge damaged when an ail tanker hit a tower this month. our chop yo
, the full and faith credit of the united states. the treasury department says the u.s. has until march to increase the nation's borrowing limit. otherwise, the country will likely default on its loans. republicans do not seem to be in the mood to negotiate after compromising on the so-called fiscal cliff last month. the gop says it will only raise the debt limit if there are equal dollar for dollar cuts in spending. otherwise, many republican lawmakers have threatened to force a shutdown of the government or let the country default on its loans and hurt its credit rating. the president this morning says that is unacceptable. >> a self-inflicted wound on the economy. it would slow down our growth, might tip us into recession. and ironically, would probably increase our deficit. >> reporter: and it would, the president warned, delay checks for social security and veterans' benefits. the president also said he would soon ask lawmakers to create new gun laws in the wake of the newtown massacre. he will likely seek universal background checks, limit on high-capacity magazines and a ban on a
. >> the patrol officer came to the door, went inside and pulled them out. >> reporter: a unit in the rear was burning, smoke detectors blaring as firefighters made their way in. >> they went into rescue mode. weren't able to get all the way inside the house. there was one person that was rescued out, a male occupant. and then as they knocked down the fire, they found a female resident in the back bedroom. >> reporter: investigators believe that's where the fire may have started. the woman died at the scene and police say the man rented from the woman. neighbors tell us she was known to smoke often. though early on a cause was still under investigation. >> it's sad. especially when somebody doesn't get out, it's too bad. >> reporter: and i just made a phone call and still no word yet on a cause. the victim's identity hasn't been released yet either but we're expected to have that information released some time later today. reporting live in sunnyvale, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you very much. >>> also in sunnyvale, highway 101 northbound now back open following a
unit at st. francis hospital. she has severe burns to her face and chest. family members say oliver became enrage when lamar told him their relationship was over. >> gasoline and a bottle and he let her know he was gonna burn her. >> police say oliver is 5'10", about 155 pounds, has a haircut with a lightning bolt on one side of his head ander fish designs on the other. >>> peninsula police are looking for the person who shot a teenaged girl near a local high school. the girl was found saturday night across from cappuccino high school in millbrae. this morning, she is in stable condition. the shooting is a rain stance of gun violence in a relatively quiet area. officer does not know what provoked it and have not made any arrests. >>> new this morning, a mobile business truck crashed right into a building in the south bay. police say that just for paws mobile spa for dogs crashed into up in smoke, that is a skate shop on the 1700 block of bran nam lane in san jose. officers say the investigation into exactly how this happened is still ongoing. so far, no injuries have been reported.
of the united states. >> have a banging friday and a great weekend. >> you're good. thank you, we'll see you tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. >> catch us all day long at >> we'll see you tomorrow. not tomorrow. >> sometime next week. attention, all. attention, all. it is with great pleasure i would like to announce that the recipient of this year's... ge followship award is none other than our very own... liz lemon. [faint applause] wait, how could liz win a fellowship award? she doesn't like people. no, followship. presented annually to the woman--sorry, person, who best exemplifies a follower. i'm not a follower. it also comes with ten grand. i accept this proudly on behalf of followers everywhere. when i think of the free spirited liz lemon i met just one year ago. so resistant to product integration, cross-promotion, and adverlingus. it pleases me to see how well she's learned to follow. uh, is this because of that ge sketch? he has a microwave for a head! but it's such an excellent ge microwave. you said i didn't have a choice. so what are you gonna do with your money,
condition at the burn unit at st. francis hospital. she has severe burns to her face and chest. family members say oliver doused lamar with gasoline and set her on fire after she broke up with him on sunday. >>> well, the fbi's evidence response team now heading back to a farm out in linden this morning digging for more victims of the so-called speed freak killers. crews are spending the morning excavating an old well there. that site is near an abandoned well where four bodies were found nearly a year ago. investigators think the bodies are linked to lauren herzog nicknamed the speed free killers for a drug fueled spree during the '80s and '90s. herzog committed suicide last year. investigators say it will take up to three weeks to hand sift through that soil. >>> this morning, a family is learning who may have killed a 21-year-old woman almost 30 years ago. the body was found in a dumpster in back of the bailey park plaza shopping center in mountain view january 28, 1985. mountain view police arrest eed garcia after being caught by the district attorney's crime lab developed a profil
at these two supply units, and they're trying to determine if there's anyone hiding in there. it appears their search for a suspect continues. we're told that there were reports that came in of an armed gunman on the cupertino middle school campus or near the campus earlier this morning. that suspect is described as a black male with a mo hawk. he possibly was carrying an ammo bag. those reports came in and that's why we're seeing the lockdown right now which remain in effect. we have reports of a student being asked and sheltered at a 7-eleven at the front entrance of cupertino middle school. right now the chest continues. they'll search for this gunman. >> we want to list the schools that are on lockdown. cupertino middle school, west valley elementary and also homestead high school. so again a very fluid situation. armed police out there trying to crack down on the situation and find out if there's a gunman on the campus, they believe possibly on the cupertino middle school campus. with everything that happened in connecticut, very, very scary, people on edge. the police asking the pa
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9